10 Things You Need for CMA Fest

The Country Music Association Festival (CMA Fest) is just days away and there are things you’ll desperately need. Pack all things on this list with you to enjoy every part of the festival. You wouldn’t want to spend a ton of money to not be prepared!


EasyAcc 6000mAh MFi Power Bank

With all of the meet and greets, concerts, and fun snaps, you do not want to be the only one with a dead cell phone battery. There are charging stations in Fan Fair X and around the outdoor stages, but why would you waste your time at those stations if you can just charge while watching your favorite artist. This EasyAcc 6000mAh MFi Power Bank is cheap and will last a while. Need a suggestion? Amazon has a lot of options with Amazon Prime or buy one at your local department store.



You never know who you’ll see walking around Fan Fair X or out on Broadway. Don’t let yourself be unprepared. Bring a sharpie for impromptu autographs and  pop up meet & greets.



50ml Bottle

Gone are the days of flasks, especially at a heavily secure festival. Buy some miniature liquor bottles at your local liquor store and stuff in any empty pocket you have. You’ll need the extra buzz when you’re waiting for the next show or pregaming for the nightly concerts at Nissan Stadium. A 99 cent bottle of liquor is cheaper than a $7-$9 drink at the outside bars. TIP: Buy a soft drink from a food vendor and mix your liquor. Another tip: Only do this outside. You’ll most likely be padded down for Fan Fair X and Nissan Stadium.



CMA Fest has a very user friendly app for you to see everything that is going on and schedule your days. Trust us, this app is your bible to the festival. Download App



The sun is blazing down in Nashville and you’ll need to protect yourself from dehydration and over heating. Slap on some sunscreen with a high SPF and sport your best shades. If you do forget to bring sunscreen, you’ll most likely get some for free from a booth, but don’t rely on that. A bad sunburn on day 1 = hell for the rest of the festival. Need shades? We’ll be giving some away during our CMA Fest Kick Off Party!



Whether you need water, alcohol, merch, or food, you’re almost guaranteed to wait in line for a good while. The more people with cash, the quicker the lines will go!



Let’s be real… there’s a lot of drinking at CMA Fest. You basically drink from Thursday at 10am to Sunday night. PartySmart is proven to help alcohol go through your system faster so you will not get a hangover the next day. Check out the product website to see all the science behind it and order on Amazon for same day delivery!



The weather in Nashville at this time is beautifully hot and humid. Bring a poncho just in case.




Only clear plastic totes are allowed inside Nissan Stadium for the nightly concert. The official dimension restrictions are 12″ x 6″ x 12″. The breakdown of  what is allowed inside the stadium is on the Titans site. We found a perfect clear plastic tote on Amazon with 1 day shipping. TIP: Secure your valuables at home or in your hotel room before heading over to the Nissan Stadium.



Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the best country music festival.

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