Alana Springsteen Reflects On Lost Friendship With “When We Were Friends”


Alana Springsteen has shared her latest single, “when we were friends”, off her forthcoming album Twenty Something: Figuring It Out” on June 16. Rarely does the country world hear from friendship breakups, but the pain is all to real for Alana Springsteen. “‘when we were friends’ is a reflection of how the growth and self-exploration I’ve experienced over the past few years has pulled me away from friendships that once meant everything to me,” Alana says of her new release. “Part of growing is living life at a new frequency, adjusting priorities and mindsets, and sometimes that means outgrowing people who were once incredibly important to you.”

“when we were friends” is such a poignant song for Twenty Something: Figuring It Out because it navigates through the pain of friends drifting apart. It happens to everyone at that age. People are learning who they are and where their places are in the world. Sometimes friendships from youth just fade away. The dreamy melody of “when we were friends” evokes the feeling of nostalgia. It also brings hope that one day they can be back in each other’s lives. “when we were friends” is the platonic love song country music needs.

Used to wear each other’s sneakers
Get drunk behind the bleachers
Raised some hell, but we always said amen
I knew who you were kissin’
What tattoo you were gettin’
Now I don’t even know how you’ve been
Truth is, I miss when
When we were friends
When we were friends

“when we were friends”, Due To Appear On Alana Springsteen’s Next Album

Alana continues contemplating on the intentions behind “when we were friends.” “Paths don’t always move in parallel lines, and we’re allowed to grieve that kind of loss too,” she says. ‘when we were friends’ honors those relationships while also recognizing the necessity of moving on from them.” Alana Springsteen’s next album, Twenty Something: Figuring It Out” drops July 14. Stream “when we were friends” below. Follow Alana Springsteen on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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