Brett Eldredge Shares “Songs About You”

Brett Eldredge Songs About You

Friday June 17 saw the release of the much anticipated album Songs About You by powerhouse Brett Eldredge. After cementing himself as Mr. Christmas over the last few years, Brett shifts his focus back to what made him initially popular over the last decade. He drew the bulk of his inspiration from some of his favorite artists. “I was talking with my manager and we were talking about some of my favorite records from Ray Charles, Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Their vocals were all way out front and they owned it,” Brett says of his inspiration. By using this inspiration, Brett adds his own twist with his husky vocals and storytelling abilities.

Slowly over the spring Brett Eldredge shared some of the upcoming tracks on Songs About You, each telling their own tale. The titular track is one of lament, where Brett notes different songs that remind him of a love lost. “Wait Up For Me” is a tender tale of longing. “I Feel Fine” is a gritty track of resilience when outside forces wish the worst on him.

Are These Songs About You?

Several new tracks are sure to stand out for fans. “Get Out Of My House” draws those in based on the title alone, making listeners curious of what’s going on. It’s about a former lover who changed Brett, only for him to come to his senses and go back to who he really is. “Where Do I Sign” has a 50’s vibe to it, sounding like it should’ve been on the Grease soundtrack. He sings about the perfect relationship and his eagerness to continue it. Another standout is “Can’t Keep Up”. Drawing upon the influences of Ray Charles, Brett brings fans a swingin’ good time you’ll clap along with all the way through.

“Those songs are part of me, and that’s what I want my music to do for listeners. Songs About You is me finding my confidence in myself. I’m owning who I am now and these lyrics and my vocal,” Brett says. Brett shows different facets of how he wants to present himself as an artist, and it’s great that he continues to find ways to hone his craft. Stream Songs About You below! Make sure to follow Brett Eldredge on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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