Bryan Martin Puts In The Work In “Goin For Broke”

Bryan Martin Goin For Broke

Bryan Martin knows a lot about putting in the hard work to get by. He used to work on oil rigs prior to finding success, only writing part time as a hobby. Even though he started singing at age 6, Bryan Martin focused on working over music. That hard work and dedication paid off when his song “Beauty In The Struggle” went viral on TikTok. Three albums later and Bryan Martin’s star is rising. That rise shoots even higher with his latest release, “Goin For Broke”.

“Goin For Broke” is all about the risks taken chasing your dreams. Bryan left the comfort of a guaranteed job in the oil fields to pursue his music dreams in Nashville. “Goin For Broke” encapsulates that perfectly. Its outlaw twang is the perfect melody to accompany a song fit for a vagabond.

Nah, I ain’t found no peace yet chasing that sunset
Looking for my piece of gold
Yeah, I’m tired of watching y’all eat, I’ma get my seat
Without losing my soul, I’m going for broke
Hush hush, get some sleep and close those eyes
No, don’t you worry, don’t pay no mind
I’ma sneak right in like a thief in the night
And only take what’s owed, I’m going for broke

“Songwriting has always been just a hobby – a passion”, Bryan says about the motivation behind his transition to full-time musicianship. He’s becoming a master in this craft. His transition to musicianship is well-earned. Not surprising based on his history of keeping his nose to the grindstone. Stream “Goin For Broke” below. Follow Bryan Martin on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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