Callista Clark Releases Debut Album “Real To Me: The Way I Feel”

Callista Clark Real To Me The Way I Feel

At just 19 years old, Callista Clark has already made big waves in the country music scene. She learned to play ukulele and guitar at a young age. She wrote her first song at 12. At age 15, she signed a record deal with Big Machine Records. Such primed talent has paved the way for the debut album from Callista Clark, Real To Me: The Way I Feel. Dropped October 14, Real To Me: The Way I Feel is Callista’s openness to putting her feelings on display for the world to hear. “For me it was saying, ‘Hey, we’re getting through this. We’re learning every day,’” reveals Callista. “You can always be better, but right now we’re acknowledging the things we’ve been through and then figuring out ways that we can learn and do better tomorrow.”

Five of the songs on this album have already appeared on Callista Clark’s EP Real To Me, released last year. They include her smash “It’s ‘Cause I Am”, a track that’s seen over 16 million streams on Spotify. The track originated from a rude man making a stupid remark to Callista as she carried her guitar into a coffee shop. Joke’s on him – she’s the youngest woman partaking in CMT’s Next Women Of Country and her star is only rising! “Heartbreak Song” refers to the titular song following her everywhere she goes as a reminder of the love she’s lost. “Change My Mind” is about a guy having to work real hard to win her affections back. The titular “Real To Me” is a soulful admission to feeling off, especially when others try telling you how you should feel.

Callista Clark And Real To Me: The Way I Feel

Newly appearing on Real To Me: The Way I Feel include the ironically light “Sad”. Contrary to its title, “Sad” isn’t about feeling sad, but rather avoiding that sensation following a break-up. “I wanted the lyrics of this song to be fun and sarcastic–the exact opposite of how I was feeling while going through a heartbreak. Manifesting not being sad,” Callista says of “Sad”. “Brave Girl” reflects on Callista’s shyness growing up and shows young women that it’s OK stand up and speak out. “Worst Guy Ever” rises above toxic influences. “Wish You Wouldn’t” has a dreamy melody accompanying Callista ignoring a player who tries leading her on.

“It’s one thing to say it in this song, but it’s another thing to actually mean it in your personal life and have self-confidence,” Callista says of her journey. “I feel like I’ve gained a whole lot of self-confidence over the last few years.” Stream Real To Me: The Way I Feel below. Follow Callista Clark on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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