Carrie Underwood Weaves Story Of Infidelity In “She Don’t Know”

Carrie Underwood She Don't Know

“She Don’t Know” is the latest tidbit Carrie Underwood has dropped in the weeks leading up to her latest album release. Released in conjunction with the opening date for ticket sales for her Denim And Rhinestones tour, “She Don’t Know” is bound to be another classic Carrie Underwood tale of treachery akin to “Before He Cheats”. With a traditional melody accompanying biting lyrics, “She Don’t Know” tells a tale of scorn for her cheating partner.

What she don’t know is I know

What she’s been up to
I bet she thinks she got me played for a fool
But the joke’s on her
In that bed she’s lyin’ in
What she don’t know
She don’t know
She can have him

She doesn’t hide her contempt for her adulterous partner. She even revels in a little joy knowing that he’ll pull the same games on this mistress:

But there’s a cruel world awaitin’

Outside of them motel sheets

‘Cause he’ll find himself another Jezebel

And she’ll end up just like me

Carrie Underwood’s latest album Denim And Rhinestones will drop on June 10th. In the meantime, snag tickets for the Denim And Rhinestones tour here. Stream “She Don’t Know” below. Make sure to follow Carrie Underwood on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more new album tidbits!

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