Wellness Wednesday With Patrick #5: Squats and Prayers

Squats are my favorite exercise. I feel powerful whenever I’m able to move more than my body weight. Plus, you have so many muscles moving in sync with each other. You’ll get a good leg, glute, and core workout with some decent squats. With several muscles working together, there’s a high risk for injury. I’ve … Continued

Wellness Wednesday With Patrick – Week 4: Take It On Back

Like I said in last week’s blog, it is important to work out your lower back when you’re working on the core. It’s often overlooked and also injured. Injury varies when it comes to how it occurs. It could either be overcompensating on certain exercises like squats or by only concentrating on abs when working … Continued

Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick – Week 3: Plank U, Next

When it comes to working on the abs, I prefer to do planks. I like the endurance challenge planks provide. I like to see how long I can hold the plank before tiring out. I also like to pepper in 30 seconds of plank in-between sets of resistance work or high-intensity cardio exercises. Planks are … Continued

Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick – Week 2: Push-Up or Shut Up!

Wellness Wednesdays: Push-Ups – Push-ups are great for the entire upper body. From your shoulders to your core, you use all of those muscles to complete a simple up-down motion. Every time I work my upper body, I make sure to at least incorporate push-ups in my warm-up, but it is possible to compile a … Continued

Wellness Wednesdays With Patrick – Week 1: Balancing Act

Recently, I started a new journey in choosing a new career path. I love exercising. Whether it’s runner’s high or the satisfaction of lifting large weights, exercise gives me such a rush of endorphins it instantly boosts my mood. So I figured I needed to start doing what I love for a living. I also … Continued

Crush Your Fitness Goals With These Free Home Workouts

No Gym? No Problem! Personal trainers, fitness instructors, gyms, and online coaches have very recently upped their no equipment workout game. You can find free live and pre-recorded workout videos on social media, but it could be overwhelming when you search “at home workouts”. We found the best FREE workouts for you, whether you want … Continued

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