Charley Crockett Releases “The Man From Waco”, Eleventh Album In Seven Years!

Charley Crockett Man From Waco

You need to search long and hard to find someone who works harder than Charley Crockett. Charley’s latest album The Man From Waco, which dropped September 9, is his eleventh studio album since 2015. Through all these releases, Charley Crockett manages to put his heart and soul into every word he writes and sings. “That’s the thing about songwriting. You write the song, and you don’t know exactly why or what you are writing it for. And then, as time passes, it starts showing itself,” says Charley.

Two songs from The Man From Waco have been previously been released. The titular track sounds like it came straight from a spaghetti Western film of the 1960s. It tells the story of this mysterious figure who seems like he’d have one of those films made about him. Also released earlier this year was the track “I’m Just A Clown”. This track about a man reveling in his woes has funky 70s vibe to it.

The Man From Waco features thirteen additional tracks. “Black Sedan” is a wonderful traveling tune, the titular black sedan ferrying Charley Crockett across the USA. In “Odessa”, Charley laments of a love lost weighing all too heavy on his mind. “Cowboy Candy” is reminiscent of a Willie Nelson, which is fitting as not only is Willie Nelson one of Charley Crockett’s heroes, Charley will be appearing at Willie’s Farm Aid benefit this year. “I would’ve never made a record like this, if not for Willie Nelson’s Red Headed Stranger album,” Charley says of Willie’s influence.

Another track of reminiscing and lament is “The Time Of The Cottonwood Tree”, where he looks back on a love filled with gentle simplicity. “July Jackson” is a standout track. It’s an amazing storytelling track about a vengeful wife murdering her lecherous husband and the gossip surrounding the murder. Also standing out is “All The Way From Atlanta”. It tells the tale of a vagabond leaving his old life behind.

“I’ve had a tough go of it, but I truly believe that a higher power has looked out for me, and really done me some favors by continuing to let me put my music first,” reflects Charley. With such a prolific release catalogue, there will be plenty of more chances for Charley Crockett to share his stories with the world. Stream The Man From Waco below. Follow Charley Crockett on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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