Dallas Smith, MacKenzie Porter Make Magic On “One Too”

Dallas Smith MacKenzie Porter

O Canada! How you produce such natural country music talent! Dallas Smith and MacKenzie Porter team up on the lovely “One Too”.  It’s literally a ‘One-Too’ hit that strikes every chord both personally and musically and I can’t think of a better duet partner to share this song with”, Dallas Smith says of the partnership with MacKenzie Porter. The chemistry they share, especially being label-mates, former tour-mates, and friends, is evident on and off the track.

“One Too” is a poignant yet lamenting break-up track. Dallas and MacKenzie reflect on the sadness faced when ending relationships. They sing about how they though each other where the ones they were meant to end up with.

I didn’t plan on learning how to live without you

I thought I found my settle down the night I found you

We used to talk about forever, now look at what it’s come to

I didn’t just love you, I really thought you were the one too

“Many of us know Dallas as an incredible artist, but what you might not know is how much he helps other artists around him. He shares his team, his band, his knowledge and connects the dots for artists he believes in,” dotes MacKenzie. This partnership certainly is a match made in musical heaven! Stream “One Too” below! Follow Dallas Smith on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow MacKenzie Porter on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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