Dalton Dover Keeps Building His Catalogue With “Hear About A Girl”

Dalton Dover Hear About A Girl

Dalton Dover and his silky smooth voice continue to impress listeners as he releases his latest single “Hear About A Girl”. The track dropped June 3, and highlights his vocal versatility, going from gentle to powerful real quick. With a vibe similar to Luke Combs, Dalton Dover has a stark work ethic, independently releasing music steadily since last October. “This ride so far has been crazy. Everything I’ve worked for my entire life is happening right before my eyes, and I’ll forever be grateful to everyone  for listening, sharing and duetting the music and to the Country community for giving this ole boy from Georgia a real shot. I’m so thankful for each of you,” says Dalton.

While at first glance “Hear About A Girl” seems like the typical song about someone who’s one-in-a-million, Dalton has the power to captivate listeners with his tone. His stylings make the song easy to listen to. He’s drumming up fan support fast, and y’all should definitely hop on that train!

And then you hear about a girl you can’t get off your mind

Drinkin’ by yourself just tryin’ to find

A little bit of hope in the ninety-proof

That you’ll get over her ’cause she’s over you

Yeah, you’ll hear about a girl that changed your life

Just by sayin’, “Hello”, then sayin’, “Goodbye”

You’d sure love to be throwin’ ’em back without a care in the world

But you’ll hear about a girl

“Here’s to dreams coming true, some kick-ass shows and new music!” Dalton says to hype up listeners. Dalton is very active on social media where he continues to cultivate his fanbase. Give Dalton Dover a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Stream “Hear About A Girl” below.

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