Drake Milligan Releases Debut Album “Dallas/Fort Worth”

Drake Milligan Dallas/Fort Worth

Drake Milligan released his first full length album Dallas/Fort Worth September 15. If you don’t know who Drake Milligan was before, you’ll definitely be entranced by his unique style upon listening to Dallas/Fort Worth. He’s influenced by George Strait and Elvis Presley; the influence rings strong with his mix of classic country and rock and roll sounds and his enigmatic performance style. It was clearly evident to fans of America’s Got Talent. Drake placed third on the recent 17th season of the talent competition. For his debut, Drake wanted to pay homage to his native Dallas-Fort Worth upbringing and highlight the differences between the two cities:

“As a native son of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I’ve always been intrigued by the difference between the two cities. First, there’s Dallas: a city determined to prove that everything really is bigger in Texas. Then, just 30 miles to the west, there’s Fort Worth: a city that holds true to its Stockyard roots with a taut rope around its cowboy brand.”

What Does Drake Milligan Have In Store On Dallas/Forth Worth?

A standout track is “Kiss Goodbye All Night”. It was written with the musical stylings of Shania Twain in mind.  “There’s some Elvis flavor to it, of course, and we tried to combine this Shania/Elvis-y/George Strait kind of track to create something new,” Drake says of the track. Also appearing on Dallas/Fort Worth is “Sounds Like Something I Would Do”, his original song he auditioned for America’s Got Talent with. Check for this single on the radio waves!

“Goin’ Down Swingin'” is just that – swingin’! It also features a surprise collaboration with Vince Gill! “Bad Day To Be A Beer” is the perfect song for tailgating season. “Long Haul” features James Burton and is a fast honky tonk track about life on the road.

Drake Milligan does feature some tracks about the trials and tribulations of love on Dallas/Fort Worth. “Hating Everything She Tries On” emphasizes everything he loves about his partner when she’s having trouble finding that love for herself. Both “She” and “Dance Of A Lifetime” epitomize what it means to fall in love. “Don’t Look Down” shares that feeling of falling in love and letting go of whatever’s holding one back.

Drake Milligan has a long career dedicated to true sounding country music ahead of him.  “It’s been a big confidence booster for me, cause I’ve gone up there and just sang original music, and gotten a great response,” Drake says of the experience. Now with this first album, Drake can share his music to a broader audience. Stream Dallas/Fort Worth below. Follow Drake Milligan on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

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