Get To Know: Alexis Taylor

Alexis Taylor

Hometown: Huntsville, Ontario
Influences: Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert

When did you fall in love with music?

“Ever since I was a kid, I just remember always having this desire to sing no matter what was on the radio.”

What motivates you to succeed in music?

“Living in Nashville and seeing the amount of talent that I’m constantly surrounded by has definitely been a huge motivating factor in my career as of lately. There have been a lot of incredible musicians that I’ve been lucky to meet since moving to Nashville that have really taken me under their wing and really encouraged me.”

When did you move to Nashville to start following your dream?

“I moved to Nashville two years ago, and have felt as though it has been my home ever since.”

What is your single “Blame the Whiskey” about?

“My single ‘Blame The Whiskey’ is essentially about this girl who is hung up on a guy, but he only ever calls her when he’s been drinking. She keeps giving in to him, even though he always blames the whiskey for everything he does and says to her.”

Are you planning on releasing an EP soon?

“Yes! I haven’t decided the exact date of the release, but I’m hoping to be releasing it by this summer. I’m really excited to share it with everyone!”

What’s your favorite part about performing on Broadway?

“I think one of my favorite parts of performing on Broadway would be all of the amazing people I have got to meet, both in the audience and on stage alongside me. I’m humbled to be able to play on stages where so many great musicians have played before me, and get to meet so many diverse music fans from all over the world who have came to visit Nashville.”

Which song is your favorite to cover?

“One of my favorite songs to cover would probably be ‘Before He Cheats’ by Carrie Underwood because it has attitude and is sassy. Plus I’m a huge Carrie fan in general!”

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