Get Ready To Party At The “Country Club” With Reyna Roberts!

Reyna Robert Country Club

On her latest single, Reyna Roberts puts the club in “Country Club”! “Country Club” dropped June 23, and it is a an extremely fun song that sums up perfectly Reyna Roberts’ vibe. The Alaska-born, Alabama/California-raised Reyna Roberts first came into the public eye in July 2020. Her song “Stomping Grounds” paved the way for a bright new face in the country music scene with a powerful voice to boot. Reyna Roberts is gearing up to release her first album, and “Country Club” is the first single off the new album.

“Country Club” is a certified party anthem! This track is all about everyone throwing down together. No one is excluded at Reyna’s country club! Reyna puts a fun swing on her music, blending strong country twang with hip hop beats. Her smooth yet powerful voice lends to a slick sound.

Whiskey in a champagne glass tastes like money

This ain’t no old members only kinda party

This is all day all night everybody

At the country club

At the country club

The country club

Bring your mommas, your daddys

Cold ones for the caddies

It’s country club

“I don’t want to say it’s been easy, but it’s been…the road has already been paved, so it’s been easier for me to walk down it,” Reyna said after being featured in the Grammy Museum’s “The Power Of Women In Country Music” exhibit. We’re excited to see what else she has for us as she storms right down that road! Stream “Country Club” below. Follow Reyna Roberts on Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates on that upcoming album.

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