Gina Venier Releases Acoustic Version Of “Nora Jane”

Gina Venier Nora Jane

Gina Venier released an acoustic version of her single “Nora Jane” on June 3. Initially released in March, “Nora Jane” tackles concerns one faces when they introduce a queer love to their family. She talks openly about how uncomfortable is can be when one becomes so exposed. “That’s not usually a comfortable place to go but it can be liberating,” Gina says. 

The video accompanying the acoustic version shows Gina Venier’s raw emotion through its stripped-back nature. When all the instrumentalization of the initial track goes away, Gina’s vulnerability is palpable. Even if you’re not going through the struggles this song tackles, listeners will feel compassion for the journey Gina expresses. She starts off the song singing about how the guys she’s brought home haven’t been to her family’s standards. She’s nervous about sharing the love she has with a woman with her family because she’s concerned about further judgement.

What’s my dad gonna do when I bring you home?

What’s my mom gonna say when I tell her you’re the one I love?

Tell her you’re the one I want

Is my brother gonna hate me?

I’m afraid everyone I love won’t love me the same

When I tell ’em your name, Nora Jane

“I hope anyone facing fear or adversity will hear this song and feel some acceptance. I hope it emotionally educates people, especially those who have always thought of love as only linear. I hope it inspires other artists to stay true to themselves, no matter what everyone else is doing,” Gina says of what she hopes the impact of “Nora Jane” reaches. Watch her perform “Nora Jane” below. Follow Gina Venier on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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