Greylan James Joins Music Square Session

Greylan James Music City Square Session

Greylan James joins Music Square Session on RedTV on June 15.

The singer, a 25 year old Tennessee native, started the session off by introducing “My Future,” a song James released on January 13 of this year. He states how he had just gone through a breakup and him and his buddy had sat down to write this heartfelt song.

Listen To “My Future” Here!

The entire session was acoustic, with James vocals only accompanied with his signature cream guitar. While we were left wanting to hear more from James, the session was just over six minutes long.

The second and last song James sings was a song he stated he had “written around this time last year,” and also stated how the song “changed {his} life.” He goes on to sing the current hit song “Next Thing You Know,” a song that is well known amongst country fans and country radio alike.

The singer is currently on tour opening for Old Dominion, and is going to be releasing an album later in the year.

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Greylan James Joins Music Square Session

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