Hailey Whitters Releases New Album “Raised”

Hailey Whitters Raised

Hailey Whitters pays homage to her Iowa roots in her third album Raised, released March 18th. Listeners can expect a stacked set of 17 stellar tracks; not all are about life in the Midwest, but all have messages everyone can relate to. “I was just very inspired by the lifestyle and the pace of life and the memories and nostalgia that I had growing up in Iowa,” Hailey stated in a profile from NPR.

Every song on Raised is a highlight. She connects listeners to her memories of growing up there. Her track “Big Family” notes how connected her family is; she states she comes from a large Irish Catholic family. The love she has for her family is palpable and resonates with the nostalgia factor of growing up in such a fashion. “Boys Back Home” pays homage to the guys she grew up with. She notes in her song how their influence, both good and bad, shaped her as to how she is today. There’s also the funky “Our Grass Is Legal”, which is her grandfather’s sod-farming business slogan.

Raised also features Hailey Whitters’ two singles released earlier this year. “Everything She Ain’t” starts off gently and then picks up when she shows off her differences from a romantic competitor. “The Neon” has a cool synth sound masking a deep reflection on a broken heart.

Hailey Whitters has been cutting her teeth in the Nashville music scene for over a decade now. She is a Grammy nominee this year, nominated as a writer on Brandi Carlile and Alicia Keys’ Song of the Year hopeful “Beautiful Noise”. The sky’s the limit for Hailey! Make sure to stream Raised below. Follow Hailey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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