HARDY, Lainey Wilson Team Up On The Daring “Wait In The Truck”

HARDY Lainey Wilson

HARDY and Lainey Wilson join forces in “Wait In The Truck”, released August 26. This dark and gritty tale of revenge contains the perfect amount of mystery in the melody. It’s also peak country storytelling. “[It’s] probably the best song I’ve ever written to be honest,” Hardy says. “It hit me so hard the first time I heard the demo back, and no other song had done that before. Very excited for the world to hear the song, excited for the song to give people a platform to maybe speak out about stuff that might be going on in their own homes.”

“Wait In The Truck” starts off with a man rolling through an unfamiliar town to find a woman on the side of the road. She’s clearly been battered, and he seeks revenge on her behalf. He kills her boyfriend and patiently waits for the police to come. At his trial, the court grapples with the conflict of whether he’s heroic or a cold-blooded killer. This track makes listeners think about what they would do in such a situation, and also how they would react to such a situation.

I don’t know if he’s an angel
‘Cause angels don’t do what he did
He was hellbent to find the man behind
All the whiskey scars I hidI never thought my day of justice
Would come from a judge under a seat
But I knew right then I’d never get hit again
When he said to me”Wait in the truck
Just wait in the truck”

HARDY And Lainey Wilson – A Match Made In Heaven

“Thank you to Lainey Wilson for doing this song with me — she crushed it, she crushed the music video, I just can’t wait for the world to see this and I can’t wait to play it live,” HARDY says as he heaps praise on Lainey Wilson. Check out the music video for “Wait In The Truck” below, it is a cinematic masterpiece. Follow HARDY on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow Lainey Wilson on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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