Have You Streamed “Red Dirt Cursed” By Rodell Duff Yet?

Rodell Duff Red Dirt Cursed

Rodell Duff is a name country music fans need to start paying attention to. His latest single “Red Dirt Cursed” dropped last Friday, and it is peak country excellence. It’s such an easy song to get in to and country music fans have a new gateway to an awesome rising artist in Rodell Duff.

Rodell Duff moved from Trinidad to Houston in his youth. He played sports and sang in choir as a teen. Musically he started out singing hooks for a rap group. He then shifted to playing guitar and writing songs. Chris Stapleton is a big influence on Rodell. I thought, ‘This dude’s voice is a lot different. Maybe there’s space for me, in the country genre, not sounding like everybody else’,” Rodell said in an interview with the Houston Chronicle on the influence.

“Red Dirt Cursed” is a great classic break-up song. Rodell sings of remorse as his love leaves him. With heartfelt lyrics, a smooth melody, and great production, this song will make anyone a Rodell Duff fan.

It wasn’t enough

Just drink a little too much whiskey

Sittin’ here hopin’ she’d miss me

By the time she hits that highway turn

And I guess my bloodline

Can’t say no to a good time

Heaven knows that little angel

She’d be all mine if the devil didn’t have her last word

Yeah blame it on my boots my roots I’m red dirt cursed

Make sure to follow Rodell Duff on his road to stardom on his Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok! Stream “Red Dirt Cursed” below.

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