Ingrid Andress Implores How To Be A “Good Person”

Ingrid Andress Good Person

Following the success of her album Lady Like, Ingrid Andress has released her first single of 2022, “Good Person”. The track is a powerful and reflective song about the measure of, well, being a good person. It talks about the struggles one goes through in order to keep being good. “I wrote ’Good Person’ when I realized that I was starting to question a lot of things,” Ingrid says when she looks back on the creative process behind the song. “What makes somebody good and what does that look like, and in a world of being so judgmental of other people, what makes you better than them?”

Additionally, she released an accompanying music video to “Good Person”. The video features her in two settings: one in a dark hotel room and one in a sort of heavenly backlight. This dichotomy highlights the struggles she reflected on to define what it truly means to be good. “With the video, I really wanted to mesh these worlds of light and dark and highlight the parallels between the two,” comments Ingrid on the video’s message.

In the song, Ingrid sings about the things she’s done that’s troublesome. She also contrasts that with some of the good she’s done. Take a peek at the lyrics:

‘Cause I’ve cheated and lied, and made people cry

But I pray for the ones that I love every night

And I’ve shattered some hearts and my thoughts get dark

But I’d stop for a stranger who’s falling apart

I’m still learning

Good, good person

“Good Person” will be appearing on her upcoming sophomore album, whose release date has yet to be announced. You can follow Ingrid Andress and her path to this next release on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Watch the music video for “Good Person” below, as well.

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