Is There A More Apt Album Title Than “Crashlanded” By Madeline Edwards?!

Madeline Edwards Crashlanded

Ever since bursting onto the country music scene last year, it seems like Madeline Edwards literally crashlanded out of thin air. Hence the title of her debut album, Crashlanded! “I’m very excited for everyone to hear the stories, the musical influences, the time and the experience that has brought me to this moment. Crashlanded feels like my child,” Madeline stated after announcing the album.

Hailing from California and raised in Texas, Madeline has already notched up several accolades. She’s had features in Spotify’s Hot Country To Watch and CMT’s Next Women Of Country lists. Her debut at the Grand Ole Opry was commended by Country Living as “one of the best of all time”. After Crashlanded, if you didn’t know Madeline Edwards before, you certainly will now.

Early gems from Crashlanded include “Hold My Horses”. This track starts off with a cool Western vibe and Madeline’s trademark soulful voice. After the first verse, she packs a massive punch with her chorus, showing how she’s a force to be reckoned with. “The Wolves” is another rockin’ track, where Madeline stands defiant, daring the world to “throw her at the wolves”. “Why I’m Calling” seeks comforts from home, anything someone who lives far away from their loved ones can relate to.

Crashlanded Crash Landed Into Several Smashes For Madeline Edwards!

New tracks include “Mamma, Dolly, Jesus”, where Madeline pays tribute to those only voices she follows when times get rough. “How Strong I Am” is an inspirational track. If you’re ever feeling lost, this is a great track to help you realize that you can persevere through anything, just as Madeline shows how she pressed on to finding success. The funky “Forehead Kisses” sees her falling under the lull of a suitor. On the opposite side of the coin is “Spurs”, an anthem for warning players not to mess with her heart.

“I think we don’t feel hope right now,” reflects Madeline. “And I want to give people something they can hold on to and maybe feel seen or have a space to even process the anger or confusion. And that’s what I was able to form on this record.” She continues on her hopes for how listeners will take to the album: “It’s something that I was able to resolve in myself because I poured that into this record. So, I’m hoping the listeners can also listen to that and maybe find some hope, resolve, or answers.” Stream Crashlanded below. Follow Madeline Edwards on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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