Get To Know Rising Country Artist Jesse Labelle

Jesse Labelle

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Genre: Country

Influences: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, Keith Whitley, Keith Urban

What made you fall in love with music?

“I was taking piano lessons when I was seven and one day my teacher had brought along a guitar that she was taking to teach her next student. I was so fascinated with the case and had to know what was inside of it. I asked her to see it and from that day forward, I never cared about another instrument. I started writing on the guitar almost immediately and by age ten was entering songwriting competitions in my hometown.”

Who is your role model in Country music?

“Keith Urban has always been a legend in the making for me. I’ve followed his career from his very early days in his band The Ranch and have been going to see him play live for over ten years now. I’ve been truly blessed not only to get the open for him a number of times, but have been able to get to work with a team of writers that he publishes here in Nashville on a constant basis. He is a true musician and ambassador in the art of music.”

What’s the best part about living in Nashville?

“The best part of living in Nashville has to be the collective community of creativity surrounding the city. There is no where else on earth that lives and breathes music and songwriting the way the community does here. It’s the true music Mecca of planet earth.”

Is there a story behind your new single “Get Away With It”?

“‘Get Away With It’ is the first song I’ve ever released that I didn’t write myself. It was a pitch-song I received a few years back. From the first time I heard it I completely agreed. It was written by some of the best and most celebrated songwriters in Music City, Josh Osborne (Body Like A Backroad/Drinking Problem) Matt Jenkins (Cop Car/Song For Another Time) and Tommy Lee James (She’s My Kind Of Rain/My Eyes), all of whom I look up to in a big way. The song is a classic boy meets girl story with a very appropriate Nashville-in-a-bar-probably-in-midtown-or-broadway theme/story. What I’ve always loved about the song is how much it’s about having a good time, while remaining endearingly romantic throughout. The song is exactly who I am as a musician and singer and really allowed me to showcase my guitar playing and vocal range. Its also one of my very favorite songs to perform live.”

Are you working on a new EP?

“I am currently working on the followup single to ‘Get Away With It’ Its called ‘Two Hearts and a Diamond’ and is my favorite song I’ve written to date. I am planning on releasing an EP in the second half the 2017 which will include ‘Get Away With It’, the previous single ‘Another You’, as well as ‘Two Hearts and a Diamond’ as well as a few others I can’t wait to share.”

Do you co-write with anyone?

“I co write almost exclusively. Nashville is a co-writing community and Im all for it. I do occasionally write on my own however. There will likely be at least one song on the EP that I wrote on my own.”

What is your favorite song to cover?

“Its a toss up between ‘When You Say Nothing At All’ by Keith Whitley and ‘Take Care’ by my high school buddy DRAKE.”

What plans do you have for this year?

“This year will be the beginning of my full band shows in the US. Ive toured extensively through Canada and am looking forward to taking the full band stage show across the United States. The EP will also be released later in the year which I’m most excited about.”

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