Jillian Jacqueline, TJ Osborne Share What Goes “Better With A Broken Heart”

Jillian Jacqueline TJ Osborne Better With A Broken Heart

Jillian Jacqueline has released her latest single “Better With A Broken Heart” in conjunction with the announcement of her debut album Honestly. This first album’s release date will be June 10th. She has teamed up with Brothers Osborne member TJ Osborne for this effort. Jillian’s excitement for this collaboration is evident as she lavishes praise unto TJ. “I’ve always loved that resonant voice of his, with this emotional tremor to it. He really nailed it in the studio, and hearing us together on the chorus just gives me chills,” states Jillian.

“Better With A Broken Heart” has a fun swing to the melody. This contrasts with an anguished tone to the lyrics. Jillian and TJ sing about what matches well with a broken heart.

Neon burned out with a few whiskeys down

And a sad song in a smoky bar

A long drive alone without anywhere to go

And the rain on the roof of this car

Some things just go better with a broken heart

The wistful reminiscence of the song hammers home in the bridge. “It’s a match made in heaven when it hurts like hell / And nothing goes together like all by myself,” the duo sing. “Better With A Broken Heart” is a beautiful song that anyone who seeks comfort in times of sadness can relate to.

Jillian Jacqueline is excited to share her first full album with the world. “The passion of making this record was really a creative rebirth, putting me back in touch with what I’ve always loved about music,” she says. We’re looking forward to Honestly! Make sure to follow Jillian Jacqueline on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. Follow TJ Osborne on his own Instagram (and what he and brother John are up to on Facebook and Twitter) as well! Watch the video for “Better With A Broken Heart” here.

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