Lady A Gets Fans Into A “Summer State of Mind”

Lady A Summer State Of Mind

Just in time for the first full weekend of official summer, Lady A shares their new single “Summer State Of Mind”. It’s peak feel-good music with its poppy guitar, sunshine-filled lyrics, and easy melody. This new track sort of puts a reggae blend into the sound Lady A has come to be known for throughout their career. The trio want their fans to have “Summer State Of Mind” be the soundtrack to their summer. “We were all looking ahead to the warmer months and those easygoing moments that we enjoy most,” Hillary Scott said of the process of coming up with the song.

The accompanying vibes the music video comes with perfectly encapsulate the feel-good theme of “Summer State Of Mind”. Hillary, Dave, and Charles embody the summer mood. It will make fans want to get out by the pool with cool drinks in their hands themselves!

You put the Ray Bans over my eyes

You put the blue back up in my sky

I’m the beach, you’re the freezer, you put me in my summer state of mind (Summer, summer)

Doesn’t matter if it’s ten below

Like a magic trick, flip the switch, off I go

You’re my five o’clock somewhere, always on time

Summer state of mind (Summer, summer)

State of mind

Summer state of mind

“When we had a chance to perform the song for the first time during CMA Fest, the fans really got in the spirit – it was the perfect way to kick off the summer,” Hillary continues. “Summer State Of Mind” will make you wish summer never ended. Watch the music video below! Follow Lady A on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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