Leah Marie Mason Shows Strength With “Tears Into Diamonds”

Leah Marie Mason Tears Into Diamonds

North Carolina native Leah Marie Mason dropped her latest single “Tears Into Diamonds” September 9. “This really is the start of a new era for me and this song is the perfect introduction of that. I’m just so happy I hope you love it,” Leah Marie Mason writes on her social media accounts.

Despite being a song about breaking up, “Tears Into Diamonds” shows the strength sometimes required to push through a breakup, especially when infidelity is involved. “Tears Into Diamonds” has a kind of tone that will make listeners think it’s filled with lament. Leah Marie Mason turns the tables and shows that even though she’s somber, she has what it takes to push through. Leah Marie has a gentle tone to her voice that fortifies the strength the meaning of this track requires.

You can call me the day that hell freezes over
And Willie’s no longer a hall of fame stoner
When drinkin’ it straight don’t make you hungover
And cheating’s the right way to bring two hearts closer
The night a whiskey bottle catches white lightning
And there’s a half truth in your mouth full of lyin’
Yeah, I believe in miracles like water into wine
So I’ll take you back when these tears turn into diamonds

Leah Marie Mason’s whole life has been shaped by her music. From performing covers in a band with her brother to attending Belmont University, Leah takes her craft seriously. Her hard work culminated in the release of her first single last year, “Far Boy”. Her star only rises from here! Stream “Tears Into Diamonds” below. Follow Leah Marie Mason on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

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