Learn Guitar With Keith Urban

Learn Guitar with Keith Urban
Source: https://shop.usa.yamaha.com/en/instruments/guitars-basses-amps/acoustic-guitars/urban-guitar-by-yamaha.html

Keith Urban has launched a new app to help eager aspiring musicians learn the basics of guitar. In cooperation with Yamaha, the Urban Guitar app makes it easier for guitar-playing hopefuls to get a hang of mastering the guitar.

Features include a chord trainer to help change chords with ease, a tuner to help tune the guitar without the need of buying additional tuning equipment, a rhythm trainer to help with timing, and a progress tracker to show users their growth. Budding guitarists can play along to some of Keith’s songs like “Cop Car” and “Someone Like You”. Other artists have tracks to follow along with as well, including Taylor Swift and Alabama.

Source: shop.usa.yamaha.com

In conjunction with the release of the Urban Guitar app, Yamaha is also selling a special guitar just like Keith’s available for purchase on their website. 

Learn guitar with Keith Urban today by purchasing the guitar here!

Download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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