Lindsay Ell Debuts Instagram Live Show Promoting Well-Being

Lindsay Ell well-being

After throwing around the idea a few weeks ago, Lindsay Ell has premiered her first episode of her Instagram Live show Living WEll W/ Ell. She wants to use this platform to talk about good things and spread positivity. Her first guest was Maddie & Tae to celebrate the release of their most recent album The Way It Feels on April 10th. Maddie reveals her favorite songs are “Trying On Rings” and “My Man” as they remind her of her husband, while Tae also enjoys “My Man”, along with “Write A Book”. Lindsay notes that she’s really enjoying “My Man”, as it has a Motown vibe to it.

Lindsay asked the duo how it feels to release a record in such uncertain times. They said it was terrifying at first since they had to change their plans, but they found it rather healing, especially when peers recognize the art produced. During quarantine, Maddie has learned to rest as she’s usually a busy body. She also learned how to conjure energy from herself, as she usually conjures energy from other people being an extrovert. Tae agreed that she’s also learned to slow down, a sentiment Lindsay agreed with as well. She admitted that even though she’s an introvert, she finds quarantine more difficult than she thought. Lindsay mentioned that she never really spends time at home since she’s always out performing, so she’s finding the importance of rest as well.

To close out her show, Lindsay will provide us with the “Well-ism of the Week”, a feel-good story. She has two this week! The first was of a man in San Francisco turning his home into a makeshift drive-thru to give free coffee to the people in the neighborhood. Second was an anonymous donor gifting $5,000 to a Massachusetts grocery store to supply its most vulnerable customers with groceries. Lindsay closed out the show with a performance of her song “I Don’t Love You”.

Lindsay has found a great way to spread positivity and hope with the community. She’ll be doing this every Tuedsay at 7 PM Central, so make sure to follow her on Instagram to watch live! Also, be sure to stream Maddie & Tae’s new album The Way It Feels below!

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