Lindsay Ell Says To Go At Your Own Pace In “Right On Time”

Lindsay Ell Right On Time

Lindsay Ell has had quite the busy 2022, so it’s awesome she had the time to share her latest release “Right On Time”. This song is one anyone, and especially any woman, can relate to when reacting to the pressures and influences of the world around them. “I think women spend a lot of time feeling like they might miss their ‘time’ in life  — their time to be beautiful, to be a mother, to have their dream career, to work their a** off,” Lindsay Ell says about the influence of the track.

“Right On Time” has a dreamy yet upbeat sound to it. It’s very easy to jam to. It has an energy of independence to it that matches what Lindsay wants to accomplish. “It’s a constant fear that we might miss the very thing we want by focusing on something else, and I think I’m just done worrying about that,” continues Lindsay. Check out the lyrics and you’ll find a way to relate to the theme of traveling through life at your own pace:

People make it look so easy

In and out of love so fast

I don’t give it up that easy

‘Cause I won’t put my heart through that

I’m either optimistic or a little naïve

I’m everywhere and nowhere that I thought I would be

Thirty years later and I gotta believe that I’m

Either late to the party or right on time

“‘Right On Time’ is my own theme song — I’ve been told I’ve missed my chance more times than I can count,” Lindsay says. “Right On Time” is the perfect sentiment that anyone can find common ground. Lindsay spreads a message that you can march to the beat of your own drum and that “you can’t be late to the party in your own life!” as Lindsay says. Stream “Right On Time” below! Make sure to follow Lindsay Ell on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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