Little Big Town Makes Fans Say “Hell Yeah”

Little Big Town Hell Yeah

“Hell Yeah” is something Little Big Town fans exclaimed when the group released their latest track. Little Big Town have released their latest single “Hell Yeah” after performing the song at the 2022 CMT Music Awards. This track is a part of their latest album project due to be released later this year. It’ll end up being their tenth album.

“Hell Yeah” starts out with a swinging melody and whimsical whistle. This cheery melody disguises the fact that it’s a breakup song. They still linger over the fact that the relationship is over, even though they’re continuing to live life they way they usually do. “This song is a classic breakup song, flipped upside down. It’s pure feel-good vibes,” bandmate Phillip Sweet said of the nature of the song. Those feel-good vibes cleverly mask the true meaning behind the words.

Hell yeah, I go get drunk on Friday nights
Hell yeah, I’m dancing under neon lights
Hell yeah, I’m smilin’ so that you can’t tell
But if you’re ever wonderin’, baby, if I’m still
Going through hell, yeah
Going through hell, yeah
You’ve moved on and I’m still here in hell, yeah

“Hell Yeah” is a fantastic return to form for Little Big Town as their last release was in 2020. We’re looking forward to their upcoming album! Watch their performance of “Hell Yeah” from the CMT Awards below. Follow Little Big Town on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with updates on this new album!

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