Maddie & Tae Highlight Female Friendship In “Heart They Didn’t Break”

Maddie Tae Heart They Didn't Break

Maddie & Tae‘s latest single “Heart They Didn’t Break” dropped June 30, and it’s their latest single dedicated to female friendship. “Heart They Didn’t Break” is seen as the spiritual sister to “Die From A Broken Heart”. “Our friendship has gotten us through so many phases of life,” Maddie & Tae said about this new single and their friendship. “We feel like this song captures that sentiment so beautifully, and we are excited to share it.”

“Heart They Didn’t Break” 100% encapsulates the feeling of female friendship. The song starts out with a friend driving long distance to comfort the other once, distraught from a breakup. From comforting each other when they’re down to and standing by each other when things seem out of control, the sisterhood is strong. Most importantly, they stand with each other in the midst of heartbreak. The gentle melody pairs wonderfully with their vocals smooth as honey.

She ain’t the one that slammed the door and tore off in a truck
She ain’t the one that made me feel like I ain’t good enough
But someone’s gotta help clean up the mess you went and made
So, here’s to friends thеre to fix a heart they didn’t brеak

Maddie & Tae are due to have more new music out. There might be a slight delay though as Maddie is seven months pregnant! “Heart They Didn’t Break” is a great holdover to whenever they release new music next. Stream “Heart They Didn’t Break” below. Follow Maddie & Tae on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. And make sure to tell your girl friends how much they mean to you!

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