Maggie Baugh Shares Her Dreams For A Good “Story To Tell”

Maggie Baugh Story To Tell

As she gets ready to join Home Free on their next tour, Maggie Baugh shares her latest single “Story To Tell”, which dropped September 9. Maggie Baugh shared her excitement on the release with her social media followers. “First off, I’d like to thank [co-writers Ben Goldsmith and Tori Tullier] for writing this with me! I had a conversation with them before our write talking about how I want to write music that tells my story, that shows how I’m feeling, that’s my life. I’ve always connected with ‘story telling’ songs (no pun intended) and midtempo tunes that make people stop and feel something!” writes Maggie.

The story Maggie Baugh chooses to tell in “Story To Tell” are the dreams and experiences she hopes to achieve in her life. She wants to leave a legacy of a life well lived. While she’s doing that now killing it in the music scene, she wants to expand her horizons and encounter new adventures. From winning money playing cards to getting on a plane without any care for the destination, the sense of adventure is strong. This track will inspire anyone to go out and live life.

‘Cause some people spend their whole life saving up

’Cause the number in the bank’s never high enough

Some wanna see the whole world the whole way around

Without a single root running through the ground

Some people work away what they got left

More years on the high now they don’t gotta have, no I

I need for myself

Is a damn good story to tell

Stream “Story To Tell” below. Make sure to follow Maggie Baugh on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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