Megan Moroney Takes Aim With Her “Pistol Made Of Roses”

Megan Moroney Pistol Made Of Roses

Georgia native Megan Moroney is making waves with her first EP Pistol Made Of Roses. This pistol she’s brandishing is loaded with six songs showing her strength, resilience, and sass. From her first single “Wonder” to her uber-viral smash “Hair Salon”, which makes an appearance on Pistol Made Of Roses, Megan Moroney leads the charge in her burgeoning career in her own way.

The aforementioned “Hair Salon” started making waves after it’s May release. It went super viral over TikTok. Fans took quickly to this track dedicated to the goings-on in, well, a hair salon. One of those goings-on is the mention of an ex’s name, triggering memories for Megan. “I’m just really proud of that song because I feel like it encompasses everything that I wanted to be as a songwriter,” Megan Moroney says of the song’s impact. “I think it’s very rewarding as a songwriter to hear real people sing back something you wrote with your friends.”

Well Casey’s having a baby
The high school football team won state
And my best friend’s mama’s husband is sleeping around
Everybody’s up to something
I heard your name from three chairs down

They said you bought a ring
And you found the one
Now I’m heartbroke
Heartbroken in a hair salon

There’s plenty more where that came from on Pistol Made Of Roses! “I Love Me” is all about self-love. It’s a great pick-me-up song whenever you’re feeling down. “Fix You Too” is another inspirational track about finding ways for self-improvement. “He Made Me Do It” reminds listeners of “Goodbye Earl” from The Chicks featuring a less lethal outcome. “Keep The Flowers” is an in-your-face breakup song about regaining independence once romance fades.

Megan Moroney has a promising future ahead of her. We’re looking forward to see what she does next! Stream Pistol Made Of Roses below. Follow Megan Moroney on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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