Mickey Guyton Searches For Guidance In “I Still Pray”

Mickey Guyton I Still Pray

Mickey Guyton released her latest single “I Still Pray” November 4. In “I Still Pray”, Mickey Guyton wanted to share a message about finding strength from both within and up above. “Sometimes when I don’t know what to do or how to help, I pray,” Mickey says of the inspiration behind the song. If you’re listening to this song and you’re in need of guidance, Mickey hopes to inspire you to seek that composure.

With “I Still Pray”, Mickey Guyton brings her trademark serenity in her voice. She’s able to effortlessly fuse country and gospel sounds, emboldening the message behind the song. “Before writing this song, I’d been feeling kind of overwhelmed with all that’s going on in the world and how, at times, it feels like we have no control,” Mickey says.  “And we don’t…I don’t have the answers. I just pray. So, I wrote this song from that place and hope when people hear it, in brings them some inspiration in the moments when it’s needed.”

I just need some hope, I just need some peace

You’re the only light when it gets too hard to see

There’s nothing you can’t do, nothing you can’t change

That’s the reason I still pray

We’re eagerly looking forward to what the Grammy nominee has in store next! Follow Mickey Guyton on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Stream “I Still Pray” below.

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