Mitchell Tenpenny Drops 20-Track Album “This Is The Heavy”

Mitchell Tenpenny This Is The Heavy

Mitchell Tenpenny dropped his latest album This Is The Heavy September 16. We’re guessing the “heavy” Mitchell’s referencing is the track listing. There are a whopping twenty new tracks for all the Mitchell Tenpenny fans out there! “I don’t think fans can be overloaded with music. They’re overloaded every day with just the way cell phones work,” jokes Mitchell on what This Is The Heavy has in store for listeners. As the titular 40-second intro track plays on your first listen, its epic drama and buildup previews the power this album brings.

Granted not all the tracks on This Is The Heavy are new. He’s released several already as singles in the lead-up to the release. “Good Place” is a signature wordplay track Mitchell has become famous for. “Always Something With You” encapsulates the feeling of lovesickness when falling for someone for the first time. “Good And Gone” is a catchy breakup track which tackles unexpected breakups. And don’t forget “Elephant In The Room”, his fun collaboration with Teddy Swims!

Mitchell Tenpenny tackles several themes in new tracks on This Is The Heavy. “We Got History” and “Sleeping Alone” both tackle feelings of remorse, with the former about experiences after breaking up and the latter dealing with wondering what the other is doing. “Miss You Cause I’m Drinking” deals with missing an ex as a side effect of drinking. On the flip side, “Obsessed” deals with falling quickly in love and going all in as the lyrics suggest. Taking it slower in love is “Now We’re Talking”, an easygoing track about, well, going easy and calm when entering a relationship. “That’s How She Goes” is a mystery-filled track about an entrancing figure who moves enigmatically.

This Is The Heavy Is Heavy On Love With Mitchell Tenpenny

Mitchell Tenpenny loves shouting out various places and spots in Nashville. He loves including little details like a mention of Franklin Pike in “More Than Whiskey Does”. And check out the track “Losers”! This track is dedicated to his now fiancée Meghan Patrick. “That’s my bar. I love that place. I’ve met so many people there. I met my fiancé there. I got engaged there,” shares Mitchell. It’s a cute way to show fans a look into their relationship.

Mitchell Tenpenny will be sharing his love and passion for his craft for years to come.  “This isn’t a hobby for me. This is my job: to get people to love and believe my songs. I have a responsibility to make music that people latch on to. That’s what songwriting is to me,” he says. Stream This Is The Heavy below. Make sure to follow Mitchell Tenpenny on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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