Morgan Wade Shares Sequel Track To Debut Single “The Night”

Morgan Wade The Night

Morgan Wade released her first single, the self-produced “The Night” back in 2019. “The Night” is a track highlighting Morgan’s struggles with sobriety and finding herself. After the deluxe re-release of her 2021 album Reckless, Morgan Wade shares Part 2 of “The Night” with fans. Morgan also shared an accompanying music video for “The Night (Part 2)” directed by PR Brown. “PR sent a treatment that stopped me in my tracks,” Morgan said of working with Brown. “He seemed to crawl into the two songs, just ingested them in all the shattered bits – and wrote this interconnected treatment that traced not just a mental breakdown, but how fragile maintaining one’s equilibrium even when you’ve been figured out the meds or the reasons or whatever else you need to stay sane.”

“The Night (Part 2)” is very subdued and somber in melody. Where the first part tackles self-discovery, part 2 shows what it means to hang on when you come out the other side of the sobriety struggle. “The Night (Part 2)” is definitely a tearjerker. If any aspiring songwriters out there need inspiration on how to reach out to their audiences, look no further than “The Night (Part 2)”; Morgan Wade demonstrates what it means to show what it means to fight.

I ain’t above it, I know I’m not
I am blessed with everything that I got
I thought by now these thoughts would stop
But I still have these dreams where I am takin’ shots

Johnny called me late last night
And I told Mr. Walker just go home, whoa oh
I prayed I’d make it through the night

Now I’m, I’m wakin’ up all alone

Staying Alight Through The Night With Morgan Wade

Morgan continues to laud PR Brown. “He’s worked with everyone. The fact that he wanted to work with me was amazing, but what he sent us about how saw and wanted to capture the song, it was shocking how completely he understood the things I was writing about,” she says. Next year, Morgan Wade plans to embark on her first headlining tour, No Signs Of Slowing Down. Follow Morgan Wade on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates. Stream both parts of “The Night” below, as well as the music videos.

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