Morgan Wallen Throws Rhinestone Boot

Morgan Wallen Throws Rhinestone Boot

Morgan Wallen throws rhinestone boot that a fan threw at the country singer on July 7, 2023.

While at his two-show stop in St Louis, Wallen had taken some time to sign a plethora of items fans were handing him after the show. The majority of these items were typical signed items, such as hats and posters, but another fan decided to take a different route.

In a TikTok video, a fan off-screen threw a rhinestone boot at Wallen as he was signing an item, hitting the singer straight in the chest. However, instead of yelling or causing a bigger scene, the singer decided to simply chuck the boot across the arena.

Look At The TikTok Video Of Wallen Throwing The Boot Below!

@kristy_t3 #morganwallen #stlouis #night2 #buschstadium #onenightatatimetour ♬ original sound – Kristy

“PSA: Don’t chuck your boot at Morgan Wallen while he’s signing autographs because he’s gonna get big mad you’re going home without your boot,” @kristy_t3 on TikTok captioned the video.

Unfortunately, this is one of the latest instances of items being thrown at celebrities, with artists such as Harry Styles, Bebe Rehxa and Kelsea Ballerini all being hit by objects thrown by fans.

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Morgan Wallen Throws Rhinestone Boot

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