O.N.E The Duo Release Stunning Music Video For “Stuck In The Middle”

O.N.E The Duo Stuck In The Middle

Mother-daughter team O.N.E The Duo released the stunning music video accompaniment to their smash single “Stuck In The Middle”.  The track and video both stand out, with the vibrant colors of the duo’s outfits pairing brilliantly with the popping country melody accentuating their serene harmonies. O.N.E The Duo consists of mom Tekitha and daughter Prana Supreme. The family duo shared that they wanted the video to have an Alice In Wonderland vibe. “On a surface level, I hope people really enjoy the visuals and Alice-in-Wonderland-esque aesthetic we tried to capture. Getting a little deeper than that, I hope they feel all the love and care that was put into the video both behind and in front of the camera,” they shared of their vision.

“Stuck In The Middle” itself is about obtaining clarity in a relationship. They sing about not wanting to be trapped in the mystery of ambiguity. The video accentuates the feeling one needs when they search for clarity. Friends are brought in to gossip and speculate on this relationship. All dressed in stunning and over-the-top garb, they gather with friends in a dazzling garden party scene. “Everyone that was on screen is a friend of ours, and if we were really going through some boy drama, it would play out exactly like this, outfits and all,” they added.

I need it hot or cold

Check off that yes or no

Boy make it fast or slow

Don’t give me that stuck in the middle 

I don’t know what you want

You love me or you don’t

If it ain’t on get gone

Don’t give me that stuck in the middle

O.N.E The Duo give off an exciting new energy when it comes to performing families in the country music scene! Follow O.N.E The Duo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Watch the video for “Stuck In The Middle” below.

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