Rachel Wammack Aims to Inspire with “When I Say Amen”

rachel wammack when i say amen

Artists have been cranking out new music to inspire the masses and get us through these trying times. Rachel Wammack does just that with her newest single “When I Say Amen”, released today. It’s a song that draws strength and motivation to move on during struggles. The comforting and moving masterpiece will encourage anyone to find the drive to push through roadblocks. Rachel states on her Instagram:

“People are losing so much…their jobs, their stability, their minds, their hope. This song reminds me when I pray, I’m not alone.”

Thank you, Rachel for this moving new release during these uncertain times. Music can definitely help us through darkness. Stream it below and make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On her Instagram, she goes live every Thursday at 4 PM Central, so definitely check her out then!

Listen to Rachel Wammack – “When I Say Amen”

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