Randy Houser Continues Forging His Own Path With New Album “Note To Self”

Randy Houser Note To Self

It’s been three years coming for Randy Houser when it comes to his latest album Note To Self. Note To Self follows 2019’s Magnolia, which itself followed 2016’s Fired Up. Randy Houser wasn’t really given any control in regards to Fired Up, saying “It sounds like everything else…I recorded a lot of songs that I really had nothing to do with and didn’t feel anything for.” With Magnolia and now Note To Self, Randy Houser is back in the driver’s seat, involved with production and songwriting. All 10 songs on Note To Self had Randy’s hand in writing alongside co-producer Blake Chancey.

“Blake and I worked on this record a long time,” Randy says in the process of making Note To Self. “I’m really looking forward to sharing the rest of it with the folks who’ve already shown how excited they are for new music. This album came together at a time when I was reflecting on who I am and what’s important to me, envisioning the kind of future I’d like to see for myself and my family.”

Some of the tracks have already seen releases as singles. “Country Round Here Tonight” pays tribute to Randy’s early career, towing his gear himself between gigs cutting his teeth in Mississippi. “Watching that line of cars come in the evening after I’d worked so hard getting all the stuff sound checked, that was my weekends after I’d worked hard all week,” Randy says of the experience. “But the payoff for me was to get to watch everybody come in and have a great time and that song really takes me back to those years.”

Note To Self: Listen To Note To Self From Randy Houser!

“Out And Down” is a pick-me-up track for after a breakup. It helps listeners pull themselves up by their bootstraps and get back to partying. “Workin’ Man” is a new blue-collar anthem for those on the grind. Of course, there’s the titular “Note To Self”, a series of little reminders of what’s important in life and lessons he’s learned along the way to impart on listeners. “It points towards a lot of life lessons, and a lot of life things that I’m still learning,” Randy says of “Note To Self”.

New tracks include “American Dreamer”, about trudging through hard times. “Call Me” is a song for when you’re fighting with your partner, where it serves as a reminder to learn how to work things out, even when it seems like you hate each other. The album concludes with the tender “Remember How To Pray”. Randy notes that he does this every night, and it’s a reminder for listeners to be thankful. “I think it’s the perfect way to end an album. I think it’s, you know, just like how you end your day,” he says.

Note To Self isn’t the only new release in Randy’s life, if you could put it in that way. He and wife Tatiana welcomed son Harlan a.k.a. “Banks” into the world in September! The latter half of 2022 has definitely shaped up to be very busy for Randy Houser! Stream Note To Self below. Follow Randy Houser on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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