Ray Fulcher Joins Week 4 of Matt Stell’s Penned Up Live Show

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It was another Wednesday full of fresh baked cookies on Matt Stell’s Instagram Live show Penned Up last night! Matt’s been getting used to doing writes using Zoom. He likes having easy access to everything needed for writing and recording in the comfort of his own home. Matt started off this week with a song he wrote called “Drinking Country”. The title’s a bit of a play on words as it’s about enjoying classic country and enjoying a nice drink. It’s a fun song with a cool swing to it!

Lindsay Ell returned again this week, where she mentioned her new Instagram live show. She invited Matt to come on soon, which will be fun! She also mentioned that she’s been on a streak of completing 100%ers (songs one writes solely themselves), and this week she shared “Happy Face”. She’s been stuck in the sentiment of where we are now in the world and how heavy everything has been the past few months. When Easter Sunday came around, that helped her think that we are in control of how we feel and can turn around to change that feeling, which is how “Happy Face” came to fruition.

Fresh off the release of “Cold Beer Calling My Name” with Luke Combs, Jameson Rodgers is back as well. He’s been trying to get outside when it’s warm. He shared his song “Radio Dial”, which is about the healing power of music. The heaviness quarantine has brought on has been encouraging artists to try to bring a bit of positivity through music, and it has been working!

This week’s newbie is Ray Fulcher. He’s been writing and hunting to spend the time and he thinks he’ll continue doing that throughout quarantine. The song Ray has been writing is called “When You Think You’ve Seen It All”, about meeting a beautiful woman. It is a fresh song that he hadn’t actually played through yet, but even with a little flub here and there, it still sounded great.

Thanks again to Matt, Lindsay, Jameson, and Ray for working hard to bring us these fresh new songs. Watch a replay below and follow Matt’s Instagram to watch live next Wednesday at 8 PM Central!

Watch: Penned Up – Week 4

Penned Up: Week Four

Sometimes ?’s are the best when they’re a little extra doughy, straight out of the oven. Lindsay Ell, Jameson Rodgers, and Ray Fulcher feat. the Gob on the Knob ? all brought finger lickin’, gonna have to record ‘em, send ‘em to radio #freshbakedcookies tonight. Tune in again next Wednesday at 8 pm CT on Instagram Live!

Posted by Matt Stell on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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