Shania Twain Releases First New Music In Five Years With Single “Waking Up Dreaming”

Shania Twain Waking Up Dreaming

It’s been five years since her last release, but Shania Twain is back at it with her latest single “Waking Up Dreaming”! This is her first release with her new label, Republic Nashville. “I’m honored and excited to be [Republic Nashville’s] first artist and lead the charge of this new and exciting chapter. In this respect, it feels like a new beginning all around, and I’m embracing it wholeheartedly,” Shania Twain says of her new venture. She’s embracing this new chapter by throwing it back to the 80s with “Waking Up Dreaming”!

Both the single and music video for “Waking Up Dreaming” will have everyone reminiscent of the 80s. The track has a fun new wave-country twist that will excite those nostalgic for the decade of decadence. And how about that look in the video! Shania Twain encapsulates the decade with her big hair and bold makeup.

So let’s start wakin’ up dreamin’ (Ooh)

And dress up crazy like superstars

There ain’t no shakin’ this feelin’ (Ooh)

Tonight, we’re makin’ our way to Mars

Way up higher than we’ve ever been

No, we won’t stop at the ceilin’

So let’s keep wakin’ up dreamin’

“I make my music for the world. I don’t see limits; I don’t see boundaries — I see possibilities,” Shania said at the ACM Honors this past August. There’s something for everyone in this one track, and we’re looking forward to hearing new music from her soon. Watch the music video for “Waking Up Dreaming” below. Follow Shania Twain on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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