Sunset West Fuses Country And Pop Brilliantly On “Cold Hearted”

Sunset West Cold Hearted

Duo Sunset West dropped their latest single “Cold Hearted” on August 19. Sunset West consists of brothers Stephen and Justin Kirk. Stephen and Justin have spent the last ten years in the music business. They have written songs for artists like ERNEST and Chris DeStefano. They’ve also worked on the production side of the music business. Justin has worked with the likes of Jason Mraz while Stephen has worked with BTS; the brothers actually wrote a song that became BTS’ mega-smash “Butter”! Now, Sunset West are making their own mark with their first single “Cold Hearted”.

“As a duo, we wanted our first single to be something that really spoke to who we are as brothers and as artists,” Stephen states. In fact, “Cold Hearted” was written as a response to a breakup Stephen recently experienced. The country-pop melody cleverly masks the sorrowful lament the lyrics spell out. Sunset West have perfectly matching harmonies, emboldening their sound.

Cold hearted

You ain’t have to do this, look what

You started

Stealing my affection just to

Walk away my God it’s

Killing me inside

And I won’t be the same

Darling you’re the one to blame

You left mе

Cold hearted

(Cold heartеd)

Cold hearted

(Cold hearted)

Sunset West has another single planned to be released in the fall. They also have an EP planned for a 2023 release. “We want our music to come across as high energy. It’s a nice blend of both pop and country, but we hope our roots come out,” Justin says. “We are boys from the south, so we want that to show through.” Follow Sunset West on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok for updates on these upcoming projects. Stream “Cold Hearted” below.

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