Tenille Townes Reflects On The Past With “The Last Time”

Tenille Townes shared her latest single “The Last Time” on September 2. “We always remember the first time something happens. We put it in a certain frame in our mind because we know it’s special. But the last time often doesn’t get the same frame because we don’t know that it’s happened until it’s already a … Continued

Tenille Townes Won’t Hide Behind The “Masquerades”

In her latest EP Masquerades, Tenille Townes bare her soul with nothing to hide. “Setting down my masquerade over the past little while has been liberating, terrifying, disorienting, and empowering all at the same time,” says Tenille on her inspiration behind titling this EP. The Alberta, Canada native released seven tracks on this effort, all … Continued

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