Tenille Townes Reflects On The Past With “The Last Time”

Tenille Townes Last Time

Tenille Townes shared her latest single “The Last Time” on September 2. “We always remember the first time something happens. We put it in a certain frame in our mind because we know it’s special. But the last time often doesn’t get the same frame because we don’t know that it’s happened until it’s already a part of our past,” Tenille Townes says on her intent behind the song. “I wanted to write a song that captured that sentimental reality, with nostalgia in the fabric of the music. This song reminds me to stop and take in the moments that are happening right now, and I hope it feels like a comforting reminder to anybody else who needs it too.”

“The Last Time” is a beautiful track that will make listeners think about their own life experiences. The track also reminds listeners to live in the moment as you’ll never know if that moment will ever happen again. It accomplishes the exact goal Tenille Townes sent out for.

Everyone remembers the first time

‘Cause a heart knows there’ll never be another like this

But the thing about the last time

Is you don’t know that it’s the last time till it is

Tenille Townes is very busy in the coming weeks. She’ll be appearing at the Canadian Country Music Association Awards, which will be held on September 11. She leads the pack of nominees with seven nominations! In the meantime, stream “The Last Time” below. Make sure to follow (and wish her luck!) Tenille Townes on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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