The Eli Young Band Have A Lot To Say With “Love Talking”

Eli Young Band Love Talking

The Eli Young Band has been hard at work with their latest album. Love Talking dropped June 3. It’s a uniting of all the hard work they put in to delivering quality music over the last few years. “There was a lot of unknown that was written into some of the music we created during that time, but we all lived it so deeply; we wanted to offer something uplifting with our music,” says lead singer Mike Eli.

Love Talking features the Eli Young Band’s smash hit “Love Ain’t”. There are several other strong tracks on this album that stand alongside such a hit. The title track, “Love Talking”, deals with what happens when emotions act before thought. The track sounds a bit like a countrified version of “Baker Street” from Gerry Rafferty. Another musical parallel comes in “Lucky For Me”. Listeners will hear touches of “Drunk Last Night”. Instead of an apologetic track, “Lucky For Me” shines a light on partner perfection.

“Break Up In A Bar” sounds like it would be a depressing break-up song. While breaking up is the theme, it’s more upbeat and puts a more positive spin on the situation. With lyrics like “But when somebody breaks your heart // Moving on ain’t half as hard // When you break up in a bar”, there’s no room for being sad! “Chances Are” is more of the longing song the previous track alludes to. “Chances Are” refers to how in sync a couple can be with one another.

The Eli Young Band has another smash album on their hands! Give Love Talking a stream below. Follow the Eli Young Band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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