Grab A Tissue Before You Listen To Cole Swindell’s Latest Single

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell has done it again. His latest single “The Ones Who Got Me Here” is another tearjerker that’ll feel ALL the feels. You’ll spend the 3 minutes and 19 seconds of this song reminiscing about every person whose impacted your life, any naysayers or supporters and anyone in-between. It’s a powerful track that will yearningly conjure up past memories.

And even more powerful when you end it with this…

All the haters, all the lovers
My dad and my two brothers
All the people I ain’t seen in too many years
And I thank God that I met ya
Hope you know I won’t forget ya
This one’s for the ones that got me here
Yeah this one’s for the ones who got me here

Third time’s a charm for Cole this year with the three excellent singles he’s released so far in 2018. Hopefully a full album will be out soon so we can get even more tunes of the same caliber!


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