Thomas Rhett Takes Fans Back To “Where We Started”

Thomas Rhett Where We Started

Thomas Rhett has a lot of surprises for fans on his latest release Where We Started. Released on April 1st, Where We Started is his sixth album. He’s had a slew of songs ready to go ever since he had a bit of burnout in 2019. “I felt like at this point, how else do you say, ‘I love you?’ How else do you talk about heartbreak? I had a bit of writer’s block, if you will,”  Thomas reflected on this period of his career. Luckily for fans, that turned around in 2021 with Country Again: Side A as well as this new release.

The title track, “Where We Started” twists modern beats and a tender acoustic sound. The greatest surprise of the album is on this track: Katy Perry accompanies him. Katy and Thomas’ vocals harmonize wonderfully. “She’s awesome to be around, super hard worker, and just an insanely talented vocalist and performer,” Thomas said after finishing work on the track. It’s a wonderful surprise to help Thomas continue to shift back towards a more country sound.

One of the standouts on this album is “Death Row”, a collaboration with Tyler Hubbard and Russell Dickerson. The three were inspired after a trip to visit prison inmates. It’s a contemplative track where the three weave their experiences of this visit with pieces of their lives they may need to repair. “It made me look at my life and go, ‘Are there people that I need to say sorry to? Are there people that I need to forgive?’ I didn’t really know how to register all of that except for to write, and the only way I knew how to write it was to write it verbatim of how it happened,” Thomas said of the experience.

Other tracks include the reflective “The Hill”. Thomas looks back on difficulties he’s had to overcome in his personal life to make him a better man for his partner. There’s also “Church Boots” and upbeat and downhome song anyone can relate to about being comfortable and true to yourself. “Mama’s Front Door” is a story about teenaged Thomas being intimidated by his high school mother. “Slow Down Summer” makes one remember that youthful feeling of summer going by too fast.

Where We Started won’t be Thomas Rhett’s only release this year. Look forward to Country Again: Side B – the follow-up to Side A – coming later this year. In the meantime, stream Where We Started below! And make sure to follow Thomas Rhett on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and to keep up with his growing family!

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