Travis Denning Shares “Buy A Girl A Drink” Ahead Of New EP

Travis Denning Buy Girl Drink

Travis Denning has a new EP coming August 5. This new release will feature his latest single “Buy A Girl A Drink”, which he shared July 8. This track is all about wise investments. It’s about taking a chance and wooing a potential love interest. It’s about what could happen when you do take that chance. The possibility of true love is there, and if you pass it up, you’ll end up kicking yourself over the regret of missing out.

Buy a girl a drink, talk to her all night

Call her three days later, kiss her in the porch light

Go meet her mom and dad Labor Day weekend

Catch hell from your buddies ’cause you’re in the deep end

Buy a ring, get married, honeymoon on an island

Raise babies then look back smilin’

From a rockin’ chair, man, I swear you’ll be there fast as you can blink

Just buy a girl a drink

Might As Well Be Me is the title of this upcoming EP. “Overall, I wanted this EP to feel like a setlist. And I wanted it to be a no skipper,” teases Travis of the contents of this new release. In the meantime, stream “Buy A Girl A Drink” below. Make sure to follow Travis Denning on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more updates in the month lead-up to the release of this new EP.

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