The Truth About Traveling for Concerts

How far would you drive to see your favorite artist? Have you ever gone to see an artist you like in a random city because you have never visited it before? How about flying to a concert?

Believe it or not, I have done all of those things. I’m Carissa and I will be the first to admit that I am a concert addict. I’ve been called a groupie, stalker, obsessed fan, crazy, and many other things. But I don’t see myself as any of these things, rather as a music lover and supporter.  I actually do not travel near as far or as often as quite a few others I’ve met. I do want to tell you what it is like to travel and why I continue to spend my money on these trips.

I am considered a millennial and definitely fall into the stereotype that I would spend money on experiences than on material items. I have driven up to 6 hours one way by myself to see a free show. I have also flown to Denver for the night just to see someone play at my favorite bar. The memories and friends I have made doing this though are worth more than anything I could buy.


This weekend I am traveling to Knoxville to see Jon Langston, who I have seen 11 times previously, at Cotton Eyed Joe on Friday and then I am going to Indianapolis on Saturday to see Canaan Smith, who I have also seen many times. Why might I see them yet again? Because the show, regardless of if the set stays the same, is a completely different experience every time. Jon recently changed the entire set in July, listening to requests of fans to build a better show. Canaan has been playing almost entirely new music on this tour that is not available yet. The biggest variable that changes for each show is the crowd. A high energy crowd is so much easier for the artist to feed off, making for a rowdy, fun show.

(Video of the crowd singing Forever Girl back to Jon Langston in Rome Georgia.  The loudest I’ve heard a room of people sing it back.)

Traveling for shows and artists can almost become addicting. It’s almost like a mini vacation, even if its only for a night, that you already planned out the activities for. The first time you make the road trip, it’s a bit crazy and stressful, but the reward is amazing. I personally really enjoy seeing the same person many times and they get to know you and you get to know more about them. I have seen Jon Langston so many times that he asks me how the show was and his band has even asked me if everything sounded alright.

Although I have traveled alone to shows outside of Nashville, I have made friends that I keep in touch with in each city I have visited. I also have made friends that will travel with me to shows. This makes for safer travel and usually an even more fun trip.

If you have ever been interested in traveling for a concert, just do it. The likelihood is that you will have an absolute blast and meet some amazing people along the way. Everyone is there for the same show, so you already have something in common. You don’t have to become the person who travels every weekend, but don’t let the fact that you may have to travel stop you from seeing your favorite artists. The experience is priceless and the memories make for great stories.

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