Tyler Rich And Marie-Mai Are Tres Magnifique On “Thinkin’ We’re In Love”

Tyler Rich Marie-Mai

Tyler Rich teamed up with Quebecois chanteuse Marie-Mai on his latest release “Thinkin’ We’re In Love”. They released two versions of the track with one of them featuring Marie-Mai singing in French during her verse. “I knew this song was special in the very first hour we sat down to write it, and I knew we had to find the perfect female lead for the duet. Marie-Mai was all that and so much more,” Tyler says of their collaboration.

Tyler Rich heaps tons of well-deserved praise unto Marie-Mai. He calls her, “an insane talent, with a such a pure, yet massive, voice. And the cherry on top is that she’s from Quebec, and we got to do a French/English version as well.” The track encapsulates the feeling of getting lost in the moment. It combines losing oneself in the booze with losing one’s inhibitions and feeling like that leads to love.

We start looking like a good idеa

Tequila burning through all of our fears

And kissing all night long, suddenly all I want

I start picturing, saying, “I do”

Waking up thinking, “What did I do?”

When we’re sober, we deny that crush

Too damn scared to mess a good thing up

But I start drinking, you start drinking

We start thinking we’re in love

“This record hits every emotion that comes with falling in love, while falling ‘in drunk’, all at the same time,” Tyler continues about the track. Stream both the English and bilingual versions of “Thinkin’ We’re In Love” below! Follow Tyler Rich on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow Marie-Mai on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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