Walker Hayes, Wife Laney Celebrate Anniversary At Applebees!

Walker Hayes Applebees

Where else would “Fancy Like” singer Walker Hayes and wife Laney celebrate their wedding anniversary other than Applebees? The couple celebrated their 18th wedding anniversary at their favorite casual eatery on June 13. Walker Hayes naturally documented their trip for his social media following.

“So it’s no lie. Laney loves Applebee’s,” Walker said in the clip. “I was like, ’Where you wanna go to celebrate year 18?’ She was like, ’Applebee’s.’ She’s low-maintenance,” he continued as he poked light fun at wife Laney. He also showed off his love for Applebees’ spinach artichoke dip. He noted he always gets two as he tends to hog one for himself.

“I love me some Laney. She’s my best friend. Even when we’re fighting. We had a fight this weekend, and I was like, ’Man, still my best friend,’” Walker noted, doting on his relationship with Laney. In the clip, Laney asks Walker what his favorite year was. “The other day Laney and I were driving home…we went to Chuck E Cheese with all the kids, and it reminded me of some of those tough years when nothing was going on, and there was something sweet about it. I was like, ‘This feels just like the old days’…we just did nothing that day,” he responded.

They noted that marriage can be difficult. The most important thing is partnership and working together to push through. Walker and Laney Hayes don’t have to pay for their meals at Applebees. They get the fabled golden card, which was discontinued in 2012. You want to eat somewhere for free? Write a hit song about your favorite restaurant any hope it goes viral!

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